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Shenzhen Ruizhengwei Electronics Co., Ltd

Spot Goods+Technology+Samples+Replacement Plans

Main Products

Integrated Circuit,MCU,Sensor,Memory,Diode,Ttransistor,etc

Technical Support

Electronic Components,Various Motor Drivers,Sensor Module,etc.

Shenzhen Ruizhengwei Electronics Co., Ltd was founded in 2009 has become one of the domestic electronic components distinctive distributors, has the advantages of multiple product line channels, market positioning has been around how to more efficient service in micro, small and medium manufacturing enterprises, adhere to the independent stock heavy assets operation way to deal with the risk of micro, small and medium manufacturing enterprises production planning uncertainty, for micro, small and medium manufacturing enterprises from "spot + technology + sample + replace" quality service.

To better service customers, realize the company's business objectives, since the establishment of rui zheng microelectronics to continuously optimize the management process, promote function combination, strengthen the management function, improve work efficiency as the key point, establish standardized and orderly management, scientific management, operation coordination, streamlined and efficient management system, establish the formal image of efficient strength, so as to obtain the customer recognition and trust.

After more than 14 years of technological precipitation, our company has become one of the most distinctive distributors of electronic components in China. We have multiple high-quality product supply chains, with inventory models exceeding 10000, and a professional team of over 50 people serving end customers reaching 8000+. Our annual shipment volume exceeds 200 million, and we have won more than 10 honors and titles in the industry. In the future, we will work together with customers in various industries to create brilliance!

Microchip Technology
Infineon Technologies
Analog Devices Inc.
Maxim Integrated
Rohm Semiconductor
Cypress Semiconductor Corp
Texas Instruments
Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage
Xilinx Inc.
National Semiconductor

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